The price for a standard room is substantially less than visitors might expect to pay for the level of luxury but the trade-off is the out of the way location. With less than 8 minutes drive from the International Airport(Aden Abdulle )the hotel also boasts of the best land and sea view experiencing sea breeze at its best perfected by the Caribbean winds from the deep seas that blend making it perfect for a life time experience. Not to mention the beach at the sea ,this is only six minutes drive from the Hotel.

Room Numbers: Advanced 26 rooms with air- conditioning & perfect facilities.

Kinds of Rooms: Single Room, Double Room, Superior Double, Standard Twin.

Room Services: 24/7 air-conditioning, private bath tub/shower,Wifi, cable T.V, complimentary purified water and mini-bar facilities. Laundry facilities.

Other Services: Housekeeping department for any laundry, food Arrangement at any request, tour Arrangement, transportation, 24/7 security, warmly & friendly receptionists.

Special entertainments: Restaurant and Dining Room

Room Rates: Reasonable and affordable prices

Food Service: Tasty foods for international menu made by well experienced Chefs With our qualified ever smiling  service personnel,your service is done as per detail ensuring you get value for your stay and money and in case you need to change something in regard to order of meals and drinks, that is fixed immediately.

Drinks: Our drinks are daily made and as per order, with our juices produced from finely selected fresh best fruits in season to ensure you get nothing but the best.

Getting  it Right: Our entire staff more so in front office and service have learned with time the expectation of our very regular guests as they get to understand the new ones. This offers efficiency in service and the guest feeling more appreciated and well taken care.

Staffing: The company employs up to 60 staff in our very various departments who come on board with a great experience to steer the company to the next level.